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Equity + Community + Healing

Creating a culture built on accountability to one another is important to the process of equity and healing. CPCWH is honored to be a part of that process, though group talks, supporting our youth through open forums, or helping create a space centered around togetherness. We offer space for whatever your needs may be in that moment.

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The Talk 

​A forum created to promote a safe place discussion to have candid conversations about racism and discrimination within our multi-cultural community. 

What's the T.E.A.

What's the "(T)therapy (E)volution/Education (A)dvocacy...” will be framed around race, culture, bullying, identity and other issues that teens may be facing—this will be a therapeutic and educational discussion that will provide our youth with resources and tools to cope with issues such as depression, relationships, loss and expectations, and the courage to advocate for themselves, and others in the community

Education & Outreach

We are proud partners with West Hartford's Public Schools One Community program, a collaborative of the Office of Equity Advancement for the West Hartford Public Schools and parent led/community stakeholder groups sharing common goals and interests leading to more equitable schools and a more equitable community. As we strive to achieve our mission, we are compelled to actively seek the perspectives of all who make WHPS such a richly diverse educational community

Partners in Action

We are developing  partnerships with groups who's missions align with CPCWH.  Currently CPCWH is working with the CPCWH. To learn more about our partners please email us.

CPCWH in the Community

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Mental Health Programs

Making a Difference


Education & Outreach

Doing What’s Needed


Community Outreach

Tackling the Issue

Programs & Resources: Programs
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