Our Projects

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The Talk 

​A forum created to promote a safe place discussion to have candid conversations about racism and discrimination within our multi-cultural community. 

Community Mental Health

It is time that we acknowledge that racism is a public health crisis and how it effects people of color in terms of mental, financial, and physical health. Moreover, declaring racism a public health crisis or emergency offers a clear path.

Voter Registration Drive

Committed to creating change through the power of "every vote counts". Voter registration drives will be conducted to effect  supportive leadership, both on the municipal, state and national level.

Education & Outreach

We will be collaborating with local educators and administrators to work with students, parents and community members to have conversation around racism and equity in education.

Future Initiatives

We are developing  partnerships with other BIPOC groups. Currently CPCWH is working with the "I AM..." campaign which was started by Mike Keo, who is an Asian-American community member that started the campaign to bring awareness to the discrimination towards Asian-Americans during the Covid-19 pandemic.

CPCWH in the Community

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Mental Health Programs

Making a Difference


Education & Outreach

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Community Outreach

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